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My Inner Thoughts

Miss Mikey
8 July 1992
Hi, i´m Mikey. Go it? Good. I´m not your average fourteen year old, but then again, not many are. I was on of the first bi-vegetarian-rebel kids so if you see one walking down the street, so me a favor. Throw a Converse at them. Thank you. I hater posers. People should just be themselves instead of pretending because it would be way easier!

Now I wanna tell you something. I hate animal cruelty. I think t´s bullshit what people do to animals, and for what? Toothpaste, another hairspray, to see if smoking kills (duh!). People can be extremly stupid and I don´t want to be one of those idiotic drones.

I´m a very loyal person. I never break a promise unless it means saving a life. When I have a boyfriend or a girlfriend(never at the same time. I don´t care what you say. That´s cheating.) I will be forever loyal to them, even if they break my heart and break-up with me. I don´t care really. Oh well. So far, I haven´t found the right person.