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The fall in love problem...

I don´know why, but I always fall in love with the guy or girl who everyone wants. In a way, it´not fair, but I´m not a very selfish person so I don´ever complain. None of my friends that I talk about are ever on here or read this except maybe my sister, Kat, but I love her and I don´t care if she sees this. Well, anyway, I don´t see how Mason can´t see. I love him so much and everyone is always telling him he´worthless and ugly. Well, he isn´t. He´s the sweetest, kindest, warmest guy I have ever met! He doesn´t deserve how people treat him, but then again, there are a lot of people like that. And then there is Shelby. She´dating my ex, Forest, who broke up with me for a reason I don´t know. I really loved him, but oh well. I knew Shelby liked me, but I didn´t know I liked her back. She is so full of life and talent and so sweet and kind and caring. I just don´t know what to do anymore. I have boycotted MySpace just to get away from all the drama because at the moment, I am in Belguim and no one can talk to me, accept through MySpace. So bye bye to it! Well, i´m gonna go know. This entry was just a stress reliever. Anyway, buh-bye.

♥ Miss Mikey!
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A little hopeless thing called love....


I can't stop thinking about this boy and it's driving me insane!!!
I don't wanna feel like this cause NOTHING good is coming is coming from it!
Why do I feel such strong feeling for someone that I don't even loves me back?
I'm hopeless! If anyone has medication to spare, please send it to me by air mail...
Gah! Some one, any one, please help me out, NOW!

stupid heartfelt feelings about a boy that doesn't love me back....

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that's her

Poetry is a passion of mine....

Well, my name is Mikey, but I guess you should know that.... OH WELL! Here's some of my poetry;

Little Plastic Toy Heart

It's not hat my heart is broken.
My heart has been broken many times
and left me with a fake smile
and a plastic toy heart that people seem to love to play with.
It's that they stole it, just like little children,
they stole the little plastic toy heart and left an empty space
for evil words and stares to pass through.
But, I live with it and move on.

(No name)

I missed him
so cut me up inside
I didn't forget him
because it's too hard to stop thinking,
stop worrying, I need some sleep.
I'm so cold,
and there's nothing to hold for warmth,
no one.
I missed him, now by miles.


We're so god dammed tired of posers
calling us posers
just so that they'll fit in with what's in.
We all can't wait til' next week when we'll be out of style.


Can't run
Chained here
He's gonna get me
Then I wake up
But i'm still here

This Place

Why do I always regret leaving this place?
Why do I even leave?
That's the better question.
She always seems to have something to say about my appearance.
He always seems to find a way to make fun of me without having to apologize or even feel bad.
I'm better off in here cutting git all out,
and spilling my black blood onto these pages.

Help me out of this place

I must get out of this place
Away from these strange people
My head is spinning
but I can still hear
I feel like i'm swaying
but I can see straight
My eyes are blurry
but I can see perfectly
Somethings wrong with me,
You must get me out of this place
I'm falling
trying to grip onto something
but nothing is there
Where have you gone?
I can't stay awake
alive, in this place
Please, i'm begging
help me out

Yes, that is my poetry and most of it was written a while back, but some of it was REALLY recent, so hope you like it!
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